Reverse Mortgage

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Convert Your Home Equity Into Tax Free Monthly Income

Here’s the problem…

You’re at least 62 years old and you’re living on a fixed income or at least a tight budget.
As the cost of living goes up, maybe you worry about paying your bills. Maybe your home needs a new roof or you owe property taxes. Maybe you or your spouse need home nursing care or expensive medical equipment that you can’t afford. Maybe you could simply use some extra money every month or some cash in the bank for emergencies or unexpected expenses. And you’ve got equity in your home. But you don’t want to refinance because you can’t afford the monthly payments. And you don’t want to sell because you want to stay in your home.

Here’s the solution…

A Reverse Mortgage can convert up to 80% of your home equity into a tax free line of credit or tax free cash in the bank that you can draw on whenever you need to. Or it can provide you with tax free monthly income that you can receive for the rest of your life GUARANTEED! You can even use a Reverse Mortgage to pay off the current mortgage or…home equity loan and completely eliminate your monthly payments!

Here’s how it works…

A Reverse Mortgage is a loan against the equity in your home. But this loan doesn’t require any payments. Because this loan, is paid off when your home is sold. And you don’t need to sell your home as long as you live in it. You must maintain your home, insure it and pay your property taxes just as you do now. You keep the deed of trust and when you pass on you can leave the house to your family.

It’s easy to get a Reverse Mortgage because there are no income requirements, no credit checks and no health qualifications. All you need is equity in your home, even if you still have a mortgage on it!

    • A Reverse Mortgage does not affect your Social Security or Medicare benefits in any way.
    • An agency of the federal government the Federal Housing Authority, guarantees that this loan will never exceed the market value of your home.


So you never need to worry about borrowing too much or owing more on the house than it’s worth. The amount of tax free cash or tax free monthly income you can receive from a Reverse Mortgage will depend on your age, your equity, your neighborhood, the loan interest rate which is typically less than conventional mortgage rates.

There are absolutely no restrictions on how you can use the money. You can use the money to pay off medical bills, pay for home nursing or assisted living care, do home repairs or improvements, purchase a new car or simply supplement your Social Security benefits.

So ask yourself this…

If you’ve got equity in your home does it make good sense to leave it there? When it could just as easily be in your bank account? Or adding to your monthly income? Tax free? For the rest of your life? Without any mortgage payments?

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Author: Frank J Zakrocky

Frank believes in helping people by guiding them with sound, practical direction. Things like cutting expenses, trying to help people save more and helping to implement low risk money making plans.

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