Create a Lifetime Tax Strategy to Protect Your Financial Security

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Tax Strategy Planning

Here’s the problem…

Most of us think that we are already doing all we can to minimize our taxes. To legally and ethically take advantage of the tax code and pay no more than we need to.

But the U.S. tax code is VERY complex and VERY confusing. So taking advantage of all of its provisions is more than a little complicated. Especially, when it comes to understanding the long term implications and “trade offs” like tax deduction, tax deferral and tax exemption. NOT taking advantage of all of the tax code provisions can reduce both the value of your capital assets and the income those assets can produce for you by hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially over 20 or 30 years of retirement.

So how can you be sure that you are taking maximum advantage of what the tax code allows?

With the Safe Money Lifetime Tax Strategy. Now, this is NOT tax advice or tax preparation.

This is a comprehensive lifetime tax strategy, comprised of multiple solutions and a combination of financial instruments, legal trusts, insured contracts, employment agreements, transfer exemptions, leveraged financing and interest deductions. All based on several standard provisions of the U.S. tax code. And none of it requires any change to your current monthly budget. Nor any questionable or dubious interpretation of the tax code.

It is all done by simply rearranging the way you own and the way you use your capital assets. Including your earned income and your home equity or your business revenue and your business equity.

Anyone of these techniques, can save you money. But the right combination of several techniques properly coordinated can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Steve and Terri were in their mid 50’s. They had $260,000 in their IRA’s and a home valued at $510,000. They also had Steve’s pension that would pay them $4200 a month. For as long as they both lived. And they were saving 10% of their incomes every month.

So they assumed that there was nothing more that they could do to safely increase their retirement income or legally decrease their tax obligations.

But by restructuring what they already owned and redirecting what they were already saving, they were able to create an additional $64,000 of tax-free retirement income every year for as long as they live.

They were also able to make tax-free provisions for nursing home or assisted living care if either one of them should ever need it.

They will now pass $1,700,000 to their children and another $200,000 to their church. All of it TAX-FREE! Using the safe money lifetime tax strategy, they are now projected to save more than $390,000 in taxes based on current tax rates (income tax rates and laws are subject to change without notice) and scheduled to gain at least $1,640,000 of retirement income based on their life expectancy.

But Steve and Terri are not an unusual example. In fact they are quite typical. Because the Safe Money Lifetime Tax Strategy have been proven to work for hundreds of people who thought they were already doing all they could to legally minimize their taxes, by taking maximum advantage of the tax code.

The Supreme Court has stated: “The legal right of an individual to decrease the amount of what would otherwise be his taxes or all together avoid them by means which the law permits cannot be doubted.”

So ask yourself this…

Does it make good sense to assume that you too are already doing all you can to minimize your taxes by legally and ethically taking maximum advantage of the tax code?

Or does it make better sense to talk with a Safe Money tax strategy professional who can help you choose the right combination of legal and financial instruments to construct your own Lifetime Tax Strategy?


This content is for informational purposes only. It does not reference, represent or recommend any specific product or company. References to interest rates, tax rates, growth rates or earnings assumptions are hypothetical, and all tax or legal implications should be verified by a qualified professional.

Author: Frank J Zakrocky

Frank believes in helping people by guiding them with sound, practical direction. Things like cutting expenses, trying to help people save more and helping to implement low risk money making plans.

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