Final Expense Insurance

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Final Expense Insurance

Tax Free Money for All Your “End of Life” Expenses

Here’s the problem…

Remember the last funeral you attended?

According to the Federal Trade Commission the cost of that funeral was at least $6000. Simple casket, cemetery vault, mortuary service more than double what it was only 10 years ago.

But that funeral might have cost $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, if you add in the expense of a cemetery plot with a headstone, the expense of a hearse, with a limousine for the family and the expense of a memorial service with a reception afterward.

In addition to the cost of a funeral, there are other “End of Life” expenses. Medical bills, legal fees, income taxes that can amount to as much or even more than the funeral expenses! And when each of us reach the end of our lives, most of these expenses MUST be paid within a few days of our demise.But if sufficient funds are not readily available, many families are forced to max out their credit cards, take out home equity loans, or borrow money from friends or relatives. Then they must pay off these debts – with interest.

That’s why no one wants to leave their spouse or their children without the money to pay for all of these expenses.

So, what’s the easiest, most economical and cost efficient way to be sure they have the money? Final Expense Insurance (ask us about Funeral Trusts).

Final Expense Insurance can pay for all of our “End of Life” financial obligations with tax-free dollars at a discount of at 40% to 60%.

You can get at least $10,000 to $20,000 of Final Expense Insurance without any medical exam. Because approval is typically guaranteed regardless of any health issues or medical conditions.

It’s usually a one page application with only a few “Yes” or “No” health questions and the monthly rates are easily affordable and contractually guaranteed for as long as you live.

The check is delivered directly to your spouse or an adult child usually within 48 hours. Whatever they don’t spend, they can keep!

So ask yourself this…

Does it make good sense, to leave your spouse or your children with the financial obligation and responsibility for all of your “End of Life” expenses? But without the money to pay for them?

Does it make better sense to pay for your own funeral, medical bills and legal fees with Final Expense Insurance? At a 40% to 60% discount? And with tax-free dollars?


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Author: Frank J Zakrocky

Frank believes in helping people by guiding them with sound, practical direction. Things like cutting expenses, trying to help people save more and helping to implement low risk money making plans.

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